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Hot and sexy! That's what we love about London shade. 
A hue that will boosten up your self-esteem.
Chin up, show your lips gorgeously to the world! 


Each Lip Matte comes with a pleasant and an exclusive box. 

1 Liquid Lip Matte Contains: 6 ml | 0.2 fl.oz.

PARABEN FREE luxury with a conscience. ALCOHOL FREE mattify your lips for the best lip of your life.
COLLAGEN maintain your alluring lip structure and prevent dryness. VITAMIN E an antioxidant that makes
your lips supple and younger. ARGAN OIL liquid gold of morocco that gives you soft and smooth lips.
JOJOBA OIL a natural moisturizer that keeps your lips hydrated. SHEA BUTTER superb moisturizer that will
be your lips' best friend! Oh yes, the smell of the delicate aroma of berry once you swipe on your lips 
will make you go oh la la.


KKM Number: NOT171006811K

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